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Tacwise 400ELS Brad Nail Gun Electric - 0733

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Tacwise Electric 400ELS Master Nailer - 0733

Tacwise Master Nailer 400ELS Electric Brad Nail Gun 0733


Professional Versatile and durable tool for frequent stapling/nailing


The Master Nailer 400ELS is fast and light and its handy angled design makes it ideal for tackling fixing tasks where elbow room or access is limited – such as under stairs, behind baths or sanitaryware etc. Delivering the closest thing to air-tool performance in an electric nailer, the 400ELS fires six lengths of nail up to 40mm, and at speeds of up to 30 nails per minute – more than enough for practically all purposes.


400ELS (the all new nailer replacing 400EL) is a little different from the other Tacwise electrics. The key feature is its angled magazine which makes the tool extremely compact and capable of firing into very tight spaces. It is also the only model to include a rubber grip and surface pad on the top of the tool and a removeable wire stand, which can be clipped on and off in an instant, positions the tool upright ‘ready to go’ when used in tasks such as securing floor boards and boarding out.


*The larger (50mm) electric nailers & staples (including models Duo 50, Nailer 18G/50 & Finish Nailer 16G/45) all draw a considerable current (amperage) at the point of firing. This will not be a problem for most people as a typical domestic ring main will have a 30 amp fuse and a commercial ring main will likely be higher. If the tool does trip your ring main try removing one or more other electrical products which are also plugged in and this may solve the problem. Alternatively the fuse / circuit breaker may only be for example 20amp and will need to be upgraded.


Technical Specifications


  • Magazine Capacity: 100 Nails
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 210 x 290 x 57
  • Weight (kg): 1.8
  • Min. Firing from wall: 15 mm
  • Max. speed per minute: 30


Tool Applications


  • Cabinet/woodwork assembly
  • Cane/rattan furniture
  • Display/shop fitting
  • Door frames & skirting
  • Drawer bottoms
  • Exhibition/show(s)
  • External pelmets
  • Garden furniturePerformance, Comfort & Safety Features
  • Insulation/sheeting & lining
  • Moulding & beading
  • Netting/wire fencing
  • Pet cages, runs & enclosures
  • Picture/mirror framing
  • Cabins, mobile homes, caravans
  • Saunas
  • Sheds & garden buildings
  • Shoe repair
  • Soft & medium wood flooring
  • Staircase/bannister construction
  • Sub flooring/boarding out
  • Tacking plasterboard/pre-screwing
  • Tacking with glue applications
  • Theatre/film scenery
  • Tongue & groove flooring
  • Trellis/panelling
  • Window dressing

Tool Features

butt style quick release catch.
Practical stand
easy access nail gate.
Carry Case.


  1. Quick release loading
  2. Quick release nose gate
  3. Nose protector
  4. Nose safety device
  5. Safety on/off switch
  6. Nail/staple viewing window(s)
  • Rubberised handle grip/top cap
  • Impact resistant industrial body
  • Pro metal magazine
  • Single shot trigger
  • Supplied in a blow mould carry case


Product Part Code;




Part Code for Replacement Nose Pieces


TAC1172 (Pack of 5)


Compatible fixings for this product are:


500 Series Angled Nails 15-40mm

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