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Tacwise Heavy Duty Staple / Nail Guns

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New for 2013; the next generation of Tacwise electric nailers and staplers. Built for the professional, these electric tools will eat up second fix jobs with ease and comfort.


Offering the very best in performance, innovation and versatility, the new corded nailers and staplers from Tacwise are perfect for a wide range of tasks.


Tacwise 18G/50 Nailer

This dedicated nailing tool has a precision air tool construction and will accurately drive 18 gauge brads with little marking to the surface of the timber. Ideal to speed through a wide variety of tasks this will save the busy tradesman a lot of time and free one hand to guide and postition the work peice. Also ideal for a temporary fix during glue drying.


All New Magazine


The 18G/50 Nailer and 16G/45 Finish Nailer both embrace an all new magazine with a high level of precision and the 18G tool featured has two viewing windows. As with all new generation Tacwise electrics there is a quick release nail gate and easy close side load system.


Tacwise 16G/45 Finish Nailer

Firing the popular 16 gauge finish nail (a heavier nail than the 18 gauge version) this tool is perfect for a wide selection of applications and in particular those requiring a heavier more secure second fix nail.


No gas or compressor required


Fast and convenient these second fix, dedicated nailers, are quick to load and do not require gas packs or compressors... simply load, plug in / turn on and fire. Perfect in the work shop or for the busy tradesman on the move.


Tacwise Duo 35 Pro

A compact tool with tremendous versatility the Tacwise Duo 35 gives unrivalled performance and eats up second fix jobs with speed and precision. With all-new electronics, enhanced switch-gear and improvements throughout, this nailer and stapler is another great addition to the exciting new generation of electric tools from Tacwise.


Perfect for precision as well as demanding fixing jobs, the Tacwise Duo 35 has been re-designed with the tradesmen in mind so you can work on flooring, panelling or skirting, architrave and more.


The Tacwise Duo 35 is your essential tool; made for second fix jobs, compact, durable and affordable.


Tacwise Duo 50 Pro

The world’s first corded 50mm nailer and 45mm stapler, the Tacwise Duo 50 is a high spec tool that sits at the top of the new generation Tacwise tool line. It has an air tool magazine for fast easy loading, a flip open nail-gate, a belt hook and a compact nose to get into those hard-to-reach areas.


Tacwise 400ELS Pro

Sitting at the top of the Tacwise tool line, the 400ELS offers ultimate convenience with the inclined magazine system.


The Master Nailer™ 400ELS is fast and light and its handy angled design makes it ideal for tackling fixing tasks where elbow room or access is at a premium – such as under stairs, behind baths or sanitaryware etc. Delivering the closest thing to air-tool performance in an electric nailer, the Tacwise 400ELS fires six lengths of nail up to 40mm, and at speeds of up to 30 nails per minute – more than enough for practically all purposes.


Tacwise 18G/50 Features

Tacwise 18G/50 Finish Nailer
Tacwise 18G/50 Finish Nailer

Tacwise 16G/45 Finish Features

Tacwise 16G/45 Finish Nailer
Tacwise 16G/45 Finish

Tacwise Duo 35 Features

Tacwise Duo 35
Tacwise Duo 35
Tacwise Duo 35

Quick release magazine

Tacwise Duo 35

Flip-open nail gate


Tacwise 400ELS Pro Features

Tacwise 400ELS Pro
Tacwise 400ELS Pro
Tacwise 400ELS Pro